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"Rumor. Scandal. Fame. Revolution."

Featuring Kirsten Dunst in the lead role the 2006 version of 'Marie Antoinette' offers a more youthful approach to the subject matter. Featuring such acting greats as Rip Torn and Judy Davis this particular production offers a much different perspective on the young queen’s life than what had beforehand been depicted. Although a known fact it always seems to fail in translation that Marie Antoinette was just a girl of 14 when she was brought to France from Austria in order to seal the alliance between the two countries. This film dramatizes what these events in the young Marie's life must have been like.

The movie begins with Marie making the journey to France from her beloved Austria for her upcoming betrothals. At the border Marie is met by her lady in waiting; Comtesse de Noailles who will also guide Marie in what is expected of her as the Dauphine of France. Marie is basically stripped of everything Austrian and made over in the French fashion and manner. It quickly becomes apparent that Marie is resented for her Austrian background, however, she tries to make her way through the French society and aristocracy as she adapts to her new role.

Depicting the various events and disapointments that the young queen faced there are also moments in the film that show the queen's exuberance for life. Scenes such as her exploration of her new home and her shopping sprees depict her enjoyment for the life she has found herself thrust into. Marie appears naive and blunt on several occasions, such as how she deals with Madame du Berry and her insistence that she be recognized. Marie simply walks by her and observes; “there are a lot of people at Versailles today.” She agreed to speak to du Berry in order to pacify du Berry and in turn the King as well and after having kept her agreement she vowed; "those are the last words I will say to that woman." 'Marie Antoinette' follows the queen's life from throne to guillotine.

| 2006 | 2 hr 3 min | 6.4/10
Sofia Coppola
Marie Antoinette
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