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"Survival. Honor. Sacrifice."

Special Forces is an action story based on honor, survival, and most of all sacrifice. War Correspondent and journalist Elsa Cassanova wrote an article on the warlord Zaief calling him the butcher of Kabul. Elsa’s informer Maina told her that Zaief was out for revenge and she knew this because she belongs to him. Elsa doesn’t quite know what to do, not sure whether to leave or not, but her friend Amen convinced her it was best.

While trying to get out of town, Elsa and Amen are ambushed by Zaief. They are both taken back to Zaief’s Pakistan hideout where he throws them in a dark cell. Elsa shows she’s upset even though Amen suggested not to, and Zaief brutally murdered someone right in front of her. He blames Elsa and other foreigners who come to his country for making them so crazy. Meanwhile, Zaief recorded the murder and sent it to the French Government.

The French then send a special forces team to rescue Elsa. All goes as planned until a bullet hits their wireless set destroying the only form of communication to their base, therefore leaving them unable to be found. So they decide to walk back to base and before they know it they are getting attacked by more of Zaief’s men.

Later in a town of hospitality, Zaief’s men catch up to them again, and Zaief kills Amen. After an all out brawl, a few men of the special force team where killed off, fighting to save Elsa. Elsa finally breaks free from the madness when the team insists she leave them behind. Elsa's exhausted but heads off and finds a road where she is finally found and brought to safety. While getting in the helicopter Elsa learns that not the whole special forces team was taken down, but that two of the men lived to see another day.

| 2012 | 1 hr 50 min | 6.4/10
Stephane Rybojad
Special Forces
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