Churchill is a television series with a runtime of 45 to 50 minutes, which is more like a documentary. Churchill was written by the writer David Starkey. This television series was directed by the director who is known as David Sington. The individual who presents this television serious is known as David Starkey. Winston Churchill is the character in this documentary whose voice is done by Timothy West.

The television “Churchill” is a three part documentary. The three episodes are known as “The Choice”, “The March to War”, and “Grand Strategies”. The first section is based on John Churchill and how he became King James II right hand man, and how his sister “Arabella” became James mistress. The second episode is about the “The Treaty of Ryswick” and “Treaty of Versailles”, along with facts on the Nazi Germany which lead them into another war. The third and final episode is about highlighting everything that happened in “The Battle of Ramillies”.

Carlton Television
1 Season, 3 Episodes
April 2, 2012
Documentary & Biography

Churchill Full Episode Guide

  • When Victory in Europe finally came, Churchill led the celebrations. But in private, he was depressed, brooding about the dangers of Stalin and communism. Two months later, Churchill would be forced to contend a General Election.

  • The ten years between 1929 and 1939 have become widely known as Churchill's "˜Wilderness Years', during which he was variously described as a "˜maverick', a "˜spent force' and a "˜fanatic'. His reactionary views over British control in India and the abdication of King Edward VIII alienated him from his political peers.

  • Destiny tells the story of Churchill's early life and explores the formation of his complex character - his aristocratic birth, his search for glory on the battlefield, his rise up the political ladder and his fall from it.