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As the title suggests, the title character, Dr. Susan Kelleher, treats animals much more exotic than the typical dog or cat. Examples of animals Dr. K treats includes foxes, turtles, pigs, tropical birds, snakes, lemurs, hedge hogs, and black footed ferrets.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on NAT GEO WILD
5 Seasons, 41 Episodes
October 4, 2014
Animals, Documentary & Biography, Family
Cast: Susan Kelleher, Lauren Thielen, Art Edmonds
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Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER Full Episode Guide

  • A macaw with a mysterious mass has Dr. K going beyond the call of duty, while Dr. T gets a visit from a tiny tortoise who lost a fight with a pit bull puppy. Then, a rabbit with cheek trouble challenges the staff, and Dr. K gets a special visit from a helpful pig with a super sniffer.

  • A binge-eating pig finds out that what goes down, must come up; a toothache sends Dr. T down a rabbit hole; and a stubborn egg sends a sick chick to the hospital.

  • Following a recent hurricane, the clinic fills up with clients including an escaped tortoise hit by a car and a 2-year-old macaw that can’t breathe. Mini Me, a severe macaw, has been acting dumpy and hasn’t eaten for a couple of days. Dr. T is concerned and wants to keep Mini Me in the hospital overnight. George the sulcata tortoise is rushed in after being crushed by a car! His wounds are severe and life threatening, Dr. K works quickly to assess the extensive damage and perform emergency surgery.

  • The doctors solve a pigeon's mystery mass and find a foreign object inside a ferret.

  • Dr. K and her staff have their hands full with unusual cases that are difficult to solve.

  • With two emergencies and two surgeries, it is a busy day at Dr. K's clinic.

  • The doctors have their hands full with emergency cases involving a tortoise and a goose.

  • Dr. K’s clinic is busy with curious exotic animal cases. From a sushi eating squirrel monkey, to a mystery linking a cockatiel and ceramic statue and a pregnant rabbit taking up residence in the bathroom.

  • The vet staff are shocked when a client brings in a baby snake with two heads, and Dr. K treats a newborn goat named Marble.

  • Chubby pets that need to loose some pounds are seen.

  • A prairie dog comes in for an examination after he mysteriously loses his top teeth.

  • A young marmoset is rushed to the clinic with a slew of medical complications. Then, Dr. Thielen checks a sweet baby pig for scabies. Dr. T and Dyanne hit the road as they are called out to a nature center to examine a male peacock, who is acting extremely lethargic, has some swelling under his eyes and some saliva discharge coming from his mouth.

  • It's the beginning of the week at Dr. K's clinic when a pet rat and a bird are brought in and seen by Dr. T. Then, Dr. K diagnoses a pig with obesity, and rushes her to get tests done. Finally, Hubble, a crested gecko, comes rushing into the clinic after being attacked by the family dog. The owner is extremely upset as Hubble looks close to death.

  • Dr. K sees a macaw with a broken wing and a bearded dragon is rushed in as an emergency.

  • A beloved squirrel travels hundreds of miles especially to see Dr. K, a goat has some serious udder trouble, and vet tech Dyanne's own bunny needs help.

  • A lemur arrives to be spayed; a rabbit has to have a CT scan; a koi with a mass is seen.

  • It’s a busy day at the clinic. Abu, a newborn owl monkey, comes in to see Dr. K because his fingers are swollen due to getting his mother’s hair tightly wound around them. Next, Little Girl, an opossum, comes in because her owners are concerned about her inflamed anal glands. Wyla, a female Coyote, is a four-month-old rescue and is at the clinic for a wellness exam.

  • Things are busy at Dr. K's animal hospital. This week, desert tortoise needs life-saving surgery to remove a bladder stone. Also, the vets treat a male prairie dog that is rushed in with serious complications, and a beloved bunny has a major issue with his anesthesia.

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