Hide & Seek

The bloody suicide of her mother has nine year old, Emily wan and withdrawn. Her father, psychologist David Callaway decides a move to a new location is the best therapy for her to begin life again. Callaway does not do well himself with the move, suspicious by nature he manages to alienate his neighbors.

Emily finds an imaginary friend who loves to play hide and seek with her. As the supposed friendship continues however; Emily begins to blame her friend, Charlie for a series of disturbing events. Suddenly he is mutilating dolls, writing threatening messages on the walls and is involved in the death of the family cat. Callaway cannot determine if Charlie is real, or if there is psycho threatening his child.

Baby First
1 Season, 4 Episodes
April 25, 2018
Children, Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Roun Lee, Chan Yoon
Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek Full Episode Guide

  • Squirrel friends Sammy and Eve are hiding acorns in all sorts of places, including the laundry room, the doghouse and at the library.

  • Watch with your child as squirrel friends Sammy and Eve hide the acorn in the nursery, the garage and the tool shed.

  • Today, Sammy and Eve hide the acorn in all different places, including the bedroom, the garden and even around the swimming pool.

  • Squirrel friends Sammy and Eve hide acorns from each other at the beach and on the farm.