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Hit The Floor is a weekly television drama series that follows the hottest dance team in pro basketball. This scripted show gives viewers an inside look into the dramatic and emotional life of the Los Angeles Devil Girls. From the locker room to the basketball court, each 60 minute episode packs as much high intensity emotion and energy as the Girls' dance moves.

Defying her mother, Ahasha uncovers a life she only dreamed of having. Thrilling and oftentimes crushing the attention is on Ahsha as her new career unfolds in the spotlight. Clouded by the thrill and magic of fulfilling her lifelong NBA Cheerleader dream, Ahsha seems unaware of the temptations that are luring her in. Sex, adrenaline, money and fame are a wicked mix for a young woman new to the Los Angeles exhilarating nightlife. Her passion for dance combined with her newfound popularity in the public eye keep her fixated to her dream. Plots tangle and twist in the constantly overwhelming world of competitive dance. Jealousy, distrust, and anxiety among the Girls as the number one team in the league heats up and keeps the audience wanting more.

Originally titled, Bounce, (later changed before premiering in Spring 2013) the drama series was created and executive produced by James LaRosa for VH1 Networks. This is the first drama series for the network to get an episode beyond the pilot. Bringing in new actress Taylour Paige and casting her alongside big stars Dean Cain and Kimberly Elise make this a series not to be missed. Hit the Floor has received international attention with the newly approved rights and agreement finalized by Starz worldwide Distribution. The series will air outside the United States and please new and existing international fans.

Beyond the exciting plots and sexy stars, the racy soundtrack to Hit the Floor is noticeably authentic. The excitement and roar of the crowd seems preposterously quiet when the competition is taken to the club dance floor. The mystery and scandal keep going in the City of Angels.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on VH1
3 Seasons, 37 Episodes
May 20, 2013
Drama, Family, Sports, Talk & Interview
Cast: Katherine Bailess, Kimberly Elise, Taylour Paige, Logan Browning
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Hit The Floor Full Episode Guide

  • The wedding you've been waiting for, but everyone is wondering if it will be a happily ever after.

  • Derek's hiding a secret and Ahsha's world will never be the same; Sloane fights for her life; the fight for ownership of the Devils reaches a conclusion.

  • Devil's Nation endures a tragic loss. Also, Lionel's actions effect everyone's lives; Zero searches somebody from his past, and Jelena battles to defeat an almost impossible opponent.

  • Chase Vincent returns with an agenda while Ahsha loses control. Derek and Kyle are powerless. Lionel’s forced to make a desperate move. Meanwhile, Raquel comes clean and Jelena faces her demon.

  • Ahsha and Sloane are in a race against time, and each other. Jelena makes a big gamble, while Terrence tries to right a wrong. Jude and Zero visit Zero’s tragic past while Kyle makes a shocking confession.

  • Stress rises between Ahsha, German and Derek. Also, Jelena comes up against her worst nightmare; Sloane asks Pete for a favor; Zero hosts an unforgettable celebration; and Kyle films her movie.

  • Ahsha, Derek, German, Zero, Jude and Pete must all come to grips with the consequences of their actions. Also, Sloane has to revisit her past; and Jelena and Terrence are blindside by a realization that gets in the way of their plan to purchase the team.

  • Lionel plans the biggest opening day in Devil's history; Ahsha tries to resist Derek as German spirals out of control; and Terrence and Jelena enlist a new ally. Later, Kyle's movie takes a sexy turn; and a surprising kiss changes everything.

  • Jelena and Terrence host a Masquerade party. Jude and Zero's relationship takes an unexpected direction. Kyle gets a surprise from her past. Derek's deal causes major issues for German and Sloane is targeted by Oscar.

  • Jelena is made to be nice to Vanessa while German must face Ahsha. Meanwhile, Sloane gets ready to testify against Oscar; Zero is jealous; Kyle becomes suspicious; and Raquel gets news.

  • The Devils prepare for their championship ring ceremony while the Devil Girls have tryouts. Also, Ahsha is comforted by German after loosing her job; and Lionel takes control as the new boss.

  • Join Alicia Quarles as she counts down the top 10 moments from Hit the Floor.

  • The top ten shocking moments from the series; recaps of the dancing and the drama.

  • The Devils give it one last push for the title, and the police arrest someone unexpected as the noose tightens around the five people with the red envelopes.

  • German and Ahsha's relationship moves to the next level as it continues developing. Jelena plays a game. Lionel and Sloane argue. Derek confronts Jude, and Oscar has surprising news.

  • Jelena decides something unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Ahsha is given an opportunity. Lionel has to face his scariest nightmare.

  • Ahsha, Jude, Jelena and Pete deal with the aftermath from their actions. Sloane has been waiting to hear something and is shocked when she finally does.

  • Oscar is leading an investigation, but he runs into a road bump. Ahsha takes aim at Jelena.

  • Sloane is gone and Jelena takes advantage of it. Ahsh is impacted by Derek's roast. Kyle gets an unexpected gift.

  • Jelena targets Sloane. Pete and Lionel bond. Old feelings resurface following an unexpected kiss. Derek and Terrence reach their boiling point. And Ahsha takes a very big fall.

  • Jelena and Kyle are faced with unwanted visitors from their past. Ahsha starts discovering what it really is to be Derek's girlfriend.

  • Ahsha's position with the Devil Girls is threatened. Sloane's investigation suffers a hiccup.

  • Sloane's investigation takes an unexpected direction. Meanwhile, Jelena gets new ammunition on Ahsha, Terrence makes a big decision, Jude and Zero scheme, and Lionel's intentions are revealed.

  • Ahsha and Derek struggle to keep their relationship on the down low. Meanwhile, Sloane's investigation into Oscar heats up, German and Derek face off, Pete and Raquel go public, and Zero targets Jelena.

  • In the second season premiere, All-Star Ahsha connects with Derek, but can't find common ground with both Jelena and new boss Sloane.

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