The television series IRIS is a drama from South Korea. This show holds the record for being the most expensive show in Korea to be produced for television. The show follows Kim Hyun-Jun and Jin Sa-woo who were friends throughout their childhood. Both decided to join the South Korean Army and became special agents. The met each meet a woman they are crazy about. It turns out her name is Choi Seung-hee and both men feel for her. They do not realize that they both are in love with her.

Not long after meeting this woman both soldiers are removed from their military base. They are tested by the army to see if they can within torturous condition. When both pass they are taken to meet the head of the National Security Service. This organization is a secret to even the president and assonates anyone they feel is a threat to the security of South Korea. While they are proving to be good agents the men learn that they are in love with the same woman. While their personal lives are not going too well the agents manage to save the President and are taken to the well respected Blue House. The Blue House is where the President has his office and holds important meetings.

The head of the nuclear arms program is discovered in North Korea. The pair is sent to secure him while the South Korean army decides what to do with this man. While their mission goes well a plot is uncovered and Hyun-jun is given an assignment that he must complete on his own. Each episode features the men in their army assignments and more information is reviled about the top secret mission. This show featured the up and coming actors Lee Byung-hun , Kim Tae-hee, and Jung Joon-ho in the main roles.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
October 14, 2009
Cast: Yeong-cheol Kim, Ju-sang Yun, Seung-woo Kim, Jeong-kil Lee

IRIS Full Episode Guide

  • IRIS mercenaries appear at the North-South Korean summit, and Hyun Joon manages to take down ringleaders of IRIS.

  • Hyun Joon manages to avenge numerous deaths by eliminating Vic. Sa Woo leads an IRIS operation that takes numerous Koreans hostage in a mall.

  • Before Hyun Joon and Sun Hwa can retire, Sa Woo and Baek San are freed by IRIS mercenaries, threatening the upcoming North-South Korean summit.

  • Finally cleared, Hyun Joon returns to NSS and is formally reunited with Seung Hee. Sa Woo and Baek San are arrested and held by the National Assembly.

  • Hyun Joon and NSS try to bring down Baek San and IRIS as they search for the location of the nuclear bomb.

  • Time is ticking before the nuclear bomb is detonated within the middle of Seoul, bringing Hyun Joon face to face against Sa Woo.

  • A clue brings Hyun Joon to the President of South Korea, whom he informs about IRIS and of Baek San's betrayal. Chul Young struggles between his loyalty to his Director or loyalty to his country.

  • Seung Hee is caught by the North Korean terrorists and brought before Hyun Joon for questioning. Meanwhile, Baek San and Sa Woo take action against the one person who can give answers to Hyun Joon.

  • Hyun Joon and Sun Hwa meet his mysterious benefactor and learns more about IRIS. Seung Hee makes her own investigation into the terrorists.

  • After a close encounter with Seung Hee, the terrorists leave NSS with a detonation device to set up a nuclear bomb. Hyun Joon learns more about his past and the deaths of his parents.

  • Sa Woo is the first to realize that Hyun Joon is actually alive. The North Korean terrorists and Hyun Joon infiltrate NSS.

  • Hyun Joon forms an alliance with Chul Young and Sun Hwa, and joins other North Korean agents for a terrorist mission in South Korea.

  • Everyone around Hyun Joon starts to suffer because of the shadowy organization IRIS, of whom NSS director Baek San and Sa Woo are a part of.

  • Seung Hee trails Sun Hwa, knowing the latter will lead her to Hyun Joon. The mysterious Vic continues his search for Hyun Joon.

  • Although everyone thinks he is dead, Hyun Joon survives thanks to a mysterious benefactor, and escapes to Japan. Sun Hwa follows him with the intent of killing him.

  • Hyun Joon becomes a rogue agent and is hunted down separately by Sa Woo, and Chul Young and Sun Hwa.

  • Now back in the present day, Hyun Joon assassinates a North Korean official, only to have North Korean agents Sun Hwa and Chul Young on his tail. Sa Woo makes the ultimate betrayal.

  • Hyun Joon and Seung Hee affirm their relationship with a trip to Japan. They are then sent with Sa Woo to Hungary to bring in a North Korean refugee into protective custody.

  • Hyun Joon and Sa Woo join NSS and discover their superiors are Seung Hee and Sang Hyun. Their first assignment is a known terrorist, a Japanese man with Syrian citizenship named Yamamoto Takashi.

  • Present day, Hyun Joon is assigned to assassinate a North Korean official. Flashback and Hyun Joon and Sa Woo are hotshot army trainees who meet Seung Hee on different occasions.

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