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This true crime docuseries takes a look at the harrowing response to crimes in progress through the lens of 911 calls. The series uses actual calls and re-enactments to examine how authorities use the calls to solve crimes.

Sunday 11:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 19 Episodes
January 1, 2017
Documentary, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Wendy Bowerman, Daniel Luce, Walter James Billingham II, Randy Capes
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Murder Calls Full Episode Guide

  • When two girls from neighboring counties disappear and are found murdered, one family receives multiple taunting calls from the kidnapper. Investigators work to track him down and succeed with they discover a clue delivered by the killer himself.

  • A dying man calls 911 saying he's been shot in the heart, and his son has also been shot dead. The detectives navigate a complex group of suspects to uncover a tangled web of rage and revenge.

  • With the help of a neighbor, an injured woman calls 911 saying an intruder broke into her boyfriend's home and shot them both. Police respond and find the boyfriend executed. Cops must decipher strange evidence left behind to identify the killer.

  • A woman calls 911, saying she's found her son unconscious in his home. When police arrive, they realize he's dead: his hands are bound and he's been strangled. At first it seems like a burglary gone bad, but cops soon discover this death was personal.

  • When a young mother is shot dead in front of her son, horrified witnesses call 911 and describe the shooter as a slender man who disappeared into nearby trees. Though clues are scarce, investigators finally uncover the killer's shocking identity.

  • A man calls 911 claiming he found his ex-girlfriend dead, and his behavior on the call leads police to wonder if he could be involved. Investigators tirelessly gather evidence to convict a killer whose unchecked rage left a young son motherless.

  • A man calls 911 to report he's on the telephone with his girlfriend who's in trouble; when police respond, the door is answered by the woman's two frightened sons, and she has been severely beaten.

  • Two distraught women call 911 when they discover their sister brutally murdered; soon, detectives uncover a stunning surprise and struggle to find a killer whose self-hatred drove him to commit the ultimate crime in a precedent-setting case.

  • A panicked woman calls 911 to say a stranger forced his way into her home and shot her boyfriend in front of their children; detectives untangle a twisted web of jealousy to find out who killed this young father and why.

  • A man calls 911 screaming for help but is too terrified to give his address, and police scramble to find him; as detectives investigate, they uncover a shocking tale of torture and revenge that demonstrates the deadliness of unrequited love.

  • Church parishioners call 911 when they find their priest unconscious, after he fails to show up for Mass, who has been stabbed to death. Police uncover an earlier call made by the victim himself, and track a missing cell phone to a find killer.

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