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The Discovery Channel's latest program, Street Outlaws, delves into the world of illegal street racing in Oklahoma City. Stakes are high, dollars are big, and the cars are slick. From a souped-up farm truck to a tricked out Chevy Impala, viewers experience the thrill of hurtling down the dark backstreets of Oklahoma in a race to capture the win. Money exchanges hands, and egos are either raised or smashed.

The show follows Big Doc and Murder Nova. Into cars and street racing since children, these two put their years of expertise into their cars to guarantee victory on the track. Most of their time is spent in the shop and under the hoods. There can be no room for error, as races are often won by milliseconds. Tensions run high, and tempers short.

The crew knows how to work, but they know how to play as well. Not an episode goes by without a prank, and there is no space between commercials without a steady stream of back-and-forth smack talk.

Rivalry plays a tremendous part in street racing, and those rivalries are thick. Much is at stake every race, but especially pride. Crews from whole other states drive in to put their machines to the test, as out-of-state racers are a regular on the show.

They all vie for placement on "the list." The list contains the top 10 fastest cars in Oklahoma City, considered by some to be the national capital of illegal street racing. The crew puts their cars and their racing before work, women, and friends to obtain that coveted position: a spot on the list. Nothing means more to them, and they will do anything to achieve the goal.

One might say that cars are as much a character in the program as the boys themselves. We see all shapes, all sizes here. The crew has an incredible talent of taking cars that no one has hope for, and then turning them into hellish speed demons that dominate the streets. Goofy as they can be, when it comes to street racing, the boys know what they're talking about.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
10 Seasons, 126 Episodes
June 10, 2013
Action & Adventure, Automotive, Drama, Family
Cast: Kye Kelley, Travis Santa Cruz, Bobby Decote, Scott Taylor
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Street Outlaws Full Episode Guide

  • The Gas Monkey team works to make sure their chassis will let the car drive straight, but weather prevents them from making any good test passes. Ryan and his team head to Tucson to test the car in Arizona's climate, but must work through some trials.

  • Farmtruck and AZN build The Gonorail for Mega Race 2.

  • After accepting a challenge from the Misfits at Fired Up Garage, Farmtruck and AZN build themselves a road race vehicle. However, Farmtruck's vision to put a monorail car from the Oklahoma State Fair on wheels proves to be their biggest challenge ever.

  • After getting called out by Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage, number one racer Ryan Martin has to work like crazy to get his car ready for the race. He and his team head out west to test, but it seems like everything is about to go wrong.

  • The mechanics from Fired Up Garage are ready to rumble, when they get wind Richard Rawlings and the Street Racers from the 405 are holding a rematch. The Misfits challenge Farmtruck and AZN to an all out 30 lap, three-driver road course race.

  • Richard re-ignites the rivalry between Gas Monkey Garage and the Street Outlaws by challenging outlaw Ryan Martin to a drag race in his Demon Challenger.

  • Farmtruck and AZN and the Misfits complete their builds and make some test hits, but teams struggle with technical issues that must be corrected. Ryan arrives in Phoenix along with some fellow 405 racers while the Gas Monkey crew heads to Arizona to race.

  • The Misfits start their build but tempers flare when an argument breaks out, threatening to stall the build completely. Farmtruck and AZN work on transforming the Gonorail into a functioning vehicle, but learn that this build will take extra work.

  • The Gas Monkeys work to make sure their chassis will let the car drive straight, but weather prevents them from making any good test passes. Ryan and team head to Tucson to test the car in Arizona's warmer climate, but must work through some trials.

  • After losing to the 405 during the last Mega Race, Richard Rawlings wants a rematch and this time, he's going after current #1, Ryan Martin. The guys at Misfit Garage also callout Farmtruck & AZN for a race of their own, where they each build a car.

  • It's the countdown to Discovery's first ever Motor Mega Week and that means a sneak peek at all the action. It's full of motor madness, including 3 all-new series premieres, plus the season finale of Street Outlaws: Memphis and all-new American Chopper.

  • It's the final list race of the season, and everyone is aiming to move up. Murder Nova races Farmtruck for the first time and Ryan fights to reclaim the #1 spot. Chaos breaks out when Doc refuses a callout.

  • With only two list races left in the season, the drivers work to get their cars ready to race. Farmtruck and AZN prepare to race for some fishing. On race night, Ryan is getting ready to defend his number one spot and tempers flare between Doc and Monza.

  • The 405 battle it out in OKC. Chief races AZN. Doc and Chuck meet up for the first time ever.

  • After the first round of Outlaw Armageddon, there are still 19 of the best racers in the country left to fight it out for the $40K pot. The remaining 405 racers must fight to defend their turf, because being beat at their home track isn't an option.

  • The new rules mean that the racers at the top of the list are stuck waiting for callouts, but there's plenty of drama in the bottom five. While Kamikaze struggles to make it to race night, Jeff Lutz and Dominator prepare to battle to get back on the list.

  • It's time for Outlaw Armageddon, the biggest & baddest No Prep race in the country, & the 405 gets ready for the race. Then, everyone who is anyone in the street & track races scenes comes to OKC to lay it all on the line and try to win the $40,000 prize.

  • Shawn makes a tough decision regarding his spot on the list while Dominator fights to make it back on. On race night, Chief tweaks the rules once again. Ryan & Chuck face off at the top of the list & Chief's plan to fall down & race Doc finally comes true.

  • The 405 head to Bristol, Tennessee to compete in the biggest no prep event in Street Outlaws history. With 32 of the baddest cars competing for $100K, the OKC racers give it all they've got in order to take the win. It's Bristol, Baby!

  • While Chief is out of town, Chuck takes over as racemaster, but still must defend his number one spot. Farmtruck and AZN dig up a new kind of race. On race night, with racers missing, Monza and Dave jump into the top five while Ryan tries to take Chuck's crown.

  • Chief plans to fall down the list on purpose in order to race everyone he missed on his last trip to the top. Meanwhile, Ryan & Chuck struggle to get their cars ready. Then, Shawn goes after Chuck in an attempt to take the OG Murder Nova back to #1.

  • It's the first list race of the season and that means everyone is gearing up for a fight. Then, with Chief's car down for repairs, Shawn tries to jump on the number one spot. But when Doc tries to hold off on racing Reaper, chaos breaks out on race night.

  • In the Season 10 premiere, the 405 head to Memphis, bringing everyone with them, but that means racing on JJ's slick, asphalt road. When the 405's plan to stick together falls apart, they struggle to set up the right races, and it looks like Memphis might get the best of them.

  • Ready, Set, Go! It's time for the biggest & baddest No Prep race in the country. After round one, there are still 19 of the best racers in the country left to fight it out for the $40,000 pot. The remaining 405 racers must fight to defend their turf.

  • Chuck & Ryan look back at some of the biggest rivalries we've seen on the 405 list, while Farmtruck & AZN go head to head in a clunker race. Then, Chuck and Ryan take a look forward at everything that's coming up on this season of Street Outlaws.

  • Ryan & Chuck show more behind the scenes footage of what the 405 got into while they were at Bristol. That includes Farmtruck & AZN finding some races & the guys from OKC getting ready to race. Plus we get a quick recap of where everyone is on the list.

  • The OKC crew compete against the best street racers in the U.S. at the American Outlaws Live event in hopes of winning the $75,000 grand prize.

  • The OKC crew takes on the best street racers in the country at the American Outlaws Live event to take home the $75,000 prize and bragging rights; extra scenes, insider facts and a Mega Moment flashback.

  • With JJ going back to old-school rules and a total of $60,000 on the line, the racers do anything and everything to win.

  • The stakes are high on the streets of OKC; JJ and his boys are street racers with seriously fast cars who are willing to do anything and everything to beat a race, which means the 405 must fight for every win.

  • JJ's Memphis team comes to OKC for two nights of racing; the 405 has to step up and prepare to lay it all on the line; and Doc looks for redemption after losing Chief's shoes to JJ.

  • When JJ Da Boss from Memphis, Tenn., comes to OKC to host a race, the biggest names in street racing show up to compete, but with JJ going back to old-school rules and a total of $60,000 on the line, the racers must do everything if they want to win.

  • It's the final list race of the season, and everyone in the 405 is hoping to make one more move toward the top. Then, some of the top guys don't bring their cars on race night, and plans to move up the list explode in Doc's and Chief's faces.

  • Everyone gets real about moving up the list; AZN gets a new tune for the Dung Beetle and tries out the improvements; and Doc gets into trouble on race night, prompting Chief to pounce on his chance to make big moves up the list.

  • Chief makes his way back on the list, so he and Shawn turn out a plot to get themselves back into the top spot.

  • Everyone in the 405 steps up when JJ and his Memphis racers come to OKC; after flagging and technicalities cause drama, the 405 must fight for every win.

  • Reaper struggles to get his car fixed in time for race night; Farmtruck and AZN think outside the box to round up some races.

  • Ryan and Chuck are preparing to battle for the #1 spot again. At the bottom, Farmtruck is feeling the heat and he does everything he can to hold onto a spot on the list.

  • Following the list shakeup, the 405 has a whole new list and everyone is still battling to reach the top.

  • Street Outlaws returns and the boys in the 405 are making some big alterations.

  • With Chief and his guys, Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkeys, Farmtruck and AZN, and Aaron Kaufman all on the way to California for MegaRace, it's time to take a look back at the struggles they had while building their cars.

  • With the crew finally in California, Chief and Richard clash about who will drive their cars, and Farmtruck and AZN have to wait on Aaron. Then, it's time for the drivers to strap in, pull to the line, and race to see who has what it takes to win.

  • The new season of Street Outlaws is about to begin and the 405 is moving away from Pro-mods on the street, so Chief and Shawn take a look back at how far the 405 has come since before the show. Then, we show some deleted scenes from the big Mega Race.

  • In this episode, Chuck takes us back through every season of the show to look at the races and the strategies that got racers to the number one spot on OKC's top ten list. Chuck talks about what it takes to make it to the top and wear the 405 crown.

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